WebEx Integration


With Ensemble 5.2, an integration with WebEx, a video conferencing tool, has been created.

The Ensemble Video WebEx integration allows Cisco WebEx video recordings to be automatically ingested into Ensemble Video libraries so the WebEx recordings can be published to any LMS, CMS, or website!


To start using the WebEx integration, a new Workflow Template will need to be created. To create this template, navigate to Institution -> Workflow Templates, then click Add -> WebEx.


Setup Workflow Template

You will need to enter various information to make the workflow work properly. First, make sure you are in the right Institution and Organization for your workflow. You do not need to choose a Template, but if a template is setup you can select the WebEx Template. Next, name your workflow WebEx or something that allows you to recognize it as WebEx. Continue to enter the required information and choose the specific settings based on your needs.


For Site Name, Site ID, Site Username, Site Password, and NBR Service API Url, you will need to acquire them from the WebEx Admin website and input your own information.

First, navigate to admin.webex.com and log in with your admin account credentials. These are the same credentials that must be input into Ensemble Video. Next, click on Services, and then Sites under Meeting.


Here, you will click on your website, and a window will open on the right hand side with some information. You can find your Site URL here, but must click Configure Site to acquire more.


On this next page, click on Site Information.


On this page, you will find your Site ID.

To acquire your NBR Service API Url, you must contact WebEx Support. Contact Ensemble Video Support if you need assistance contacting WebEx.

You may also check and uncheck the boxes below.

  • Retrieve WebEx Recordings from the past 28 Days
    • Checking this will allow the integration to retrieve any recordings from the last 28 days upon setup ?
  • Remove Recording from WebEx after Ingest
    • This will delete the file from WebEx after it has been successfully uploaded onto your copy of Ensemble Video
  • Propagate Changes
    • If no, no changes will be pushed down to lower levels.
    • If yes, except where customized, all changes will be pushed down to lower levels, but changes at a lower level will not be overridden

    • Overwrite all will overwrite any changes.

  • Auto-Create
    • Will autocreate a workflow at library level when a new library is added.
  • Enabled
    • The checkmark will indicate whether the integration is enabled or disabled.

After everything is set up, just press Save.

Adding Users

To make using the integration easier, you can add users to the workflow when created under Library -> Workflow and creating one for WebEx. All of the information from earlier should auto fill. Users can be added manually or by searching by user email to be viewed in Validated WebEx Users (users that have the same email in the Ensemble Video library and they exist in WebEx). You can then add the user to WebEx User Email Addresses by pressing Add Users. When added to WebEx User Email Addresses, press Validate and they will then be able to use the workflow with their WebEx account and email.



  1. Your WebEx account must be an Enterprise Level WebEx Account (ex. company.webex.com) to use WebEx's NBR service to download WebEx Recording.
  2. The NBR Service does not support Single Sign On (SSO), so if your organization uses SSO with the WebEx service the NBR Service API's will not work as they currently do no support SSO.
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