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Ensemble Video Recorder Chrome ExtensionWith Ensemble 5.1, the free Ensemble Video Recorder (beta) Chrome Extension allows you create screen and webcam recordings, then upload and instantly share your video using the Ensemble Video Platform. The Ensemble Video Chrome Extension does not depend on any external software (like Java, Flash or other plugins) so it runs on Chrome OS and Chromebooks!

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Video Guide - Setup


To download the extension, navigate the the Chrome Web Store page, then click Add to Chrome.


The browser will then show a popup about adding the extension. Select Add Extension. When added, a small icon will show up in the top right hand corner of your browser, next to any others or by your user icon for Chrome.


When clicking on the icon, it will open up a setup page for your first time use. First you will need to input the URL of the place you would like to upload your recordings to, such as your specific library. When done, press Continue.


Next, you will have to sign in to the extension. Input the proper login information for the location you will be uploading these recordings to, the press Login.


After logging in, you will need to give both the camera and/or microphone access to the extension for it to work properly. When turned on, the circle will be on the right, and the color will change to a dark circle with a light background. When finished, press Continue.


Congrats, the recorder extension is now set up! Press Finish to close the setup window. You may now use the extension.


Using the Extension


To launch the extension, click the icon in the top right hand corner of your browser.


A small window will open, and you may choose between recording your Desktop or Webcam. You may change the settings here as needed to best suit your needs.


After you press Start Recording, it will countdown before allowing you to select if you wish to record your entire screen, or a certain application if you selected to record your screen. Select what you wish to share, then press Share.


Two things will open on your screen. One will be on the top right, showing you the length of your recording, as well as options to pause or stop it. You can hide it by clicking on the extension icon above it.


At the bottom of your browser, you will get a notification that your screen is being shared.


When your recording is finished, it will open in a new tab. It displays all information about your video.


Clicking on the hamburger button on the left side of the extension shows a small menu. You have the option to view your recordings (also accessible from the button on the top right corner of the extension with the same image), change settings with options, navigate to the help page, or sign out of the extension.


In My Recordings, you can see all videos recorded, as well select if you would like to upload or delete the videos.


There are only two options currently available for the extension at this time. The first will autoplay any videos you open from your Recordings library, and the other enables the recordings to be deleted from your computer after they are uploaded to Ensemble.


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