Setting Up the Blackboard LTI Integration


In order to set up the new Blackboard integration, the BasicLTI Building Block must be downloaded.



It can then be installed on Blackboard by navigating to Building Blocks Installed Tools Upload Building Blocks.


Just upload the proper file and click Submit.


After the building block is set up, find it under your list of Installed Tools. Hovering over it will show a gray arrow next to it. Click it, then select Settings.


This page lists all tools currently set up. Here, click on Register New Tool. 


Before getting started with the next step, make sure you have an LTI configuration for Blackboard on Ensemble Video. If not, make one now. You will need this information to configure the integration.2018-07-31_1501.png

First, add a name for the tool you're adding. Ensemble Video Chooser is a great descriptive choice.


Next, copy the Launch URL, Consumer Key, and Shared Secret from Ensemble Video. The Signature Method should be HMAC_SHA1 with no Encryption Method.


Check the box next to Content-item Message.


No Registered LTI Services need to be checked.

Copy the URL to the Icon Image provided in the LTI Configuration on Ensemble Video. When finished, press Submit.


You will now see your tool in the list of tools. Now, you must change settings to have the tool set up properly. The check mark must be checked for the tool for every change.


  • Click on the Status button and select Enable.
  • Click on the Content menu Button and select Build Content: Mashups.
  • Click on the Mashup button and select Add as mashup option.

While hovering over the tool, click on the gray arrow button and select Edit Launch Settings. This will open a new window. Select New Window from the drop-down box and then hit Submit.


Your tool should now match the image below.


Next, you must add the domains from which this tool will be used. Click on Domains in the right hand corner.


On this page, select Register New Domain.


Here, paste your Domain Name (URL for Ensemble Video), and then copy over your Consumer Key and Shared Secret from the LTI configuration page on Ensemble Video. Signature Method should be HMAC_SHA1, and there should be no encryption method.


Copy the icon URL from Ensemble Video again, and then press Submit.


Your domain will then show up in the list, but some steps need to be taken to have it work properly. The check box for the domain must be selected for every change.


  • Click on the Status button, then select Approve.
  • Hover over the domain, then click on the gray arrow next to it and select Edit Launch Settings. On the new page, select New Window from the drop-down box then press Submit.


Your domain setup should now look like the image below.


With these steps completed, the Blackboard Integration of the Ensemble Video Chooser is now available to use.

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