Sharing (5.0)


Sharing is now easier than ever in Ensemble Video 5.0! All sharing is now done from the publish menu and is easy to navigate.

Video Guide

On the Publish page, scroll down to Share. Here, you can search for a user, library, or email address to share to. Also, you can use the drop-down menus to navigate to an organization or library to filter your sharing options.

Once you have found the user, library, or email address you would like to share to, simply click the check box next to the appropriate user. This will share into their library in the next step.



 Share Options

After selecting the user, library, or email address you want to share with, you can share your video with a library and/or directly publish to a playlist in a different library (if direct publishing is enabled). Review the Direct Publishing article to learn more about Direct Publishing. Just select the checkbox next to the appropriate library.

2018-07-30_1154.pngTo finish sharing, click Publish. The video will now be shared to the chosen Shared Library or Directly Published to the chosen Playlist.



You can also Transfer/Upload a video to another organization or library right from your own media library. Simply click on the Transfer button.


Here, select the library you would like to transfer from and press continue.


Next, follow the same steps you would to upload a video normally until Publishing.

Here, you will see the playlists available to publish to in the library you are transferring a video to.

Select a playlist if you wish, or just publish it into the library's media library.


It will then appear in their media library and on any playlists you selected.



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