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In Ensemble Video 5.0, you can now create quizzes to put on videos in your media libraries. 

Adding/Editing Questions

To set up a quiz, simply scroll down to Quizzes under Libraries on the side menu.


Here, you will see any quizzes that have already been created. To add a new quiz, click on Add+.


Next, you will see available options for quizzing and a list of videos in the current library. Enter a title for the quiz, select the options you would like to apply to the quiz, and then select the correct video you would like to use from the list available.

Quiz Tracking allows you to select a user login system that will track what users have taken the quiz as well as their results. If you embed the quiz on a LMS with the integration, you will not have to select anything on here as it will automatically select the LMS account for it's location. You can also choose to not require an account, and they will input their information before taking the quiz which will then be recorded.

Playlist allows you to publish the video with the quiz to a specific playlist. This would be useful if you wanted to keep all quizzes together on one playlist, or have certain quizzes go to the correct course/topic.


Now, you can either click on the Add Questions button below the options you just selected, or click on the Questions tab above. Both of these will take you to the same page.

This will open the question editor. Find the appropriate time in the video to add a question, then select a question type from the drop down box: Multiple Choice, True/False, or Multiple Select. Enter the question, as well as the correct answer (or multiple correct answer, if multiple select) and any other selections. You also have the option to add a hint for the question and/or add an explanation. Hit Add underneath when finished.


Any saved questions will display underneath the video during question creation. The type of question is listed as either MC, TF, or MS which corresponds to what kind of question it is. 

Video Guide - Quiz Creation


User View

When you're finished, you may leave the page. Navigate to the corresponding media library and click on the video to open it in a new tab. This will display the quiz interface the way users would see it to take the quiz.



When the user begins the quiz, the video will play until the time determined by the question, pausing and displaying the question and choices to answer.


After the user answers all questions, they must watch the video to completion to submit the answers to the quiz.


The grade for the quiz will then display to the user. Normal users taking the quiz will not have access to the Total Quiz Results tab.


Video Guide - Taking a Quiz 


Evaluating Results

As quiz administrator, you can see quiz results from the Total Quiz Results tab as well as the Results tab from the quiz editor. You can see results per question, as well as per user.






If you need to recreate a quiz for another class, or just make a copy, you are able to copy a quiz by clicking on the Copy button.


If there are results for the quiz you are copying, you have the option to copy the results as well. Just check off Include Results on the copy page. You also have the option to Retain Quiz Tracking and Retain Quiz Publishing if wanted.


 The copied quiz will then be in your quiz library.

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