Using the Brightspace by Desire2Learn Plugin


The Ensemble Video Chooser makes uploading, recording, and adding video to Brightspace by D2L easy for educators who want to use video as part of their course. The Ensemble Video Chooser simplifies life for everyone on campus because all the media is stored and streamed from Ensemble Video, so file size restrictions and encoding issues are no longer an issue.

To add a video file, click on the Add Stuff button - it looks like a play button.


Scroll down and find Ensemble Video in the list and click it to continue.


Here, you can choose between Media, Playlist, Dropbox, and Quiz. Select which item you would like to insert, then which content you would like to embed into the course and press the green plus button.


In the next window, hit Save.


Press Insert, then you will then see how any viewers will see the video in the course.


Hit Update to make the change go live.



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