Configuring Ensemble Studio


Ensemble Studio allows users to record, manage, schedule, and view content from the Matrox Monarch HD (Ensemble 4.3+) or the Matrox Monarch LCS (4.5+) from inside the Ensemble web interface.

The Monarch HD is a single input device (HDMI with optional analog audio). The Monarch LCS includes the ability to record two inputs (two HDMI with one HD/SDI, and optional analog audio).

Ensemble Studio Prerequisites

Before you can start scheduling recordings it is important to ensure your Workflows and devices are setup correctly. Please refer to the support articles below before moving onto the Applying Studio License.

Applying the Studio License

Self-hosted Ensemble systems will need to apply the Studio license to an Institution before Studio is configured. Consortium and cloud-hosted customers will have their Studio license applied automatically and can skip to Configuring Ensemble Studio.

Apply Studio License at System Level

You must apply the Studio License at the System level first. Once you have enabled the new license at the System level, you can then assign the Studio devices to each Institution, see next section for instructions on Institution level Studio License configuration.

  1. Login with a system administrator account

  2. Navigate to Administration--> System--> License

  3. Look at Ensemble Studio Devices section under Max Devices

  4. If Max Devices is incorrect, click Update License to add the license key that was provided when you purchased Studio.

NOTE:  After applying the System License, you will need to configure each institution with their own Max Devices allowed, see section below 



Apply Studio License at Institution Level

Once you have your System License configured, you can now assign the Studio Device licenses to your Institutions. Please note, this is a required step, even if you have a single Institution. You can assign 100% of your Studio license counts to a single Institution, if you only have one Institution.  For larger clients, you can split the Studio licenses across multiple Institutions.

  1. Login as an Institutional Admin, or higher, account

  2. Navigate to Administration-->Institution --> License

  3. For each Institution click on Action --> Ensemble Studio

  4. Configure Max Devices and Expiration Date

  5. Click Save

NOTE: Your total Max Devices of all Institutions can exceed the System Level Studio Devices Count you configured in the previous section.





Managing Access to Studio

There are several ways to control who has permission to use or manage an Ensemble Studio device. The ability to use Ensemble Studio is based on User Permissions. Once your Studio device has been added, you can configure access.

Note: During the setup of the Monarch devices there is a property called Allowed IP Addresses.  Users accessing the device from a computer listed in Allowed IP Address can always create an ad-hoc recording, regardless of their individual user permissions. If a Studio device is installed in a classroom, enter the IP address of the installed classroom computer to permit all Ensemble users to record from the Studio device to their library while using that computer. This feature is configured in the sections above. Also note that this feature requires that the computers have a static IP or a reservation in DHCP so they will always have the same IP address.


Configure User Access to Studio

  1. Click Administration -->Organization -->Studio Setup

  2. Find the device you want to manage and click Action --> Permissions

    Ensemble Studio Permissions Buttons

  3. You will be presented with the permissions of that device

    Ensemble Studio Permissions
  4. From this screen you can Add/Remove individual user permissions to the capture device

  5. To Remove, simply locate the user and click the Remove button

  6. Different Roles can be granted to the users:
    1. Access Scheduled Recording: This role will be assigned to all Contributors in the library. With this role, the Library Contributors can access the Studio Device during the time that the device is scheduled for the user's library. The user can go to the Ensemble Studio tab and can start and stop recordings on the device. When outside of the scheduled time, the user will not see the device in Ensemble Studio tab.
    2. Make Recording: This role can be assigned to Contributors. With this role, the user can create ad hoc recording on the Studio device, regardless of the schedule. In the Ensemble Studio tab, the user will see the device and can start and stop recordings. This includes the ability to stop scheduled recordings that are occurring in another library.
    3. Manage Device: This role can be assigned to Organization Administrators. With this role, the user can manage the device in AdministrationOrganization > Studio Setup, including creating/deleting recording schedules. The administrator will also be able to see the Studio device in all libraries in the Organization and have full control to start/stop an ad hoc recording in all libraries.

Note:  Institution Administrators and System Administrators have Manage Device role by default


Schedule Recordings

One of the primary functions of Ensemble Studio is the ability to schedule a recording, whether user-controlled or auto recording. In both cases, the device will place the recording in the Target Library that you designate.

After the device is added to Ensemble Video, it can be scheduled:

  1. Administration --> Organization --> Studio Setup
  2. Click the Action button for a device, then select Schedule:

    Ensemble Studio Setup Actions
  3. The Schedule Recording menu will open
  4. Click +Add to add a new recording

    Ensemble Studio Auto Publish
  5. Fill in the Recording Details section
    1. Recording Name: Specify a recording name. Use a name that will help identify the class name, meeting, event, etc.
    2. Start Time: Date/Time to start the recording
    3. Stop Time: Date/Time to stop the recording
    4. Recording Mode: How should the system treat this scheduled recording
      1. Auto Recording: Ensemble will automatically start/stop at the scheduled time
      2. User Controlled: The device is "available" to record at the scheduled time, but the user will have to manually start/stop the recording via the Ensemble UI
  6. Fill in the Content Processing section
    1. Target Organization: Organization where the video will placed after recording is complete
    2. Target Library: Library inside the Target Organization (above) where the video will be placed after recording is complete
    3. Auto-Publish to Playlist (Optional): You can specify the new recording is automatically published to a playlist from the Target Library configured above
    4. Auto-Publish to Category (Optional): You can specify the new recording is automatically configured with a Category from the Target Library configured above
  7. Fill in the Recurrence section (Optional)
    1. Click the checkbox to enable Recurring Recording
    2. Select the Recurrence Type
      1. Daily - Recording will repeat every day at the same time
      2. Weekly - Recording will repeat on the same day of the week, every week, at the same time
      3. Bi-Weekly - Recording will repeat on the same day of the week, every 2 weeks, at the same time
      4. Monthly - Recording will repeat on the day and time each month
    3. Set the End Recurrence By
      1. Number of Occurrences:  Schedule will end after X number of occurrences
      2. Date: Schedule will end after a specific date



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