Ingest Workflows


The Ingest workflow gives you greater control of how a file in added into Ensemble Video.  Ingest Workflows are great for bulk add or automation scripts.  The ingest workflow lets you assign custom meta data to files (optional) and take the raw video file and run it through an existing Upload Workflow in the users library. 

Note:  when configuring the Ingest Workflow Template you cannot configure:

  1. Workflow For Upload:  this can only be configured at the Library level,  it is not visible at the Organization Workflow level.
  2. File Filter:  this can only be configured at the Library level, it is not visible at the Organization Workflow level.

Configuring the Ingest Workflow Template (Organization Level)

To create an Organizational Live Stream or Live Capture Workflow:

  1. Click on Administration -> Institutions -> Organizations
  2. Find your Organization in the list
  3. Click on Action -> Workflow Templates


  4. Click on Add -> Ingest Workflow


  5. Fill in the fields to configure the Ingest Directory
    1. Institution: This dropdown menu shows the name of your Institution (Note: Ensemble Video System Administrators can choose other Institutions)
    2. Template: Choose from an Institutional Template (optional, if one exists)
    3. Organization: The Organization within your Institution that this Workflow Template will apply to.
    4. Name: A name for the Workflow. This should be an easily recognizable name; it will show up when you go to look at the list of all the Workflow Templates for all the Organizations in your Institution.
    5. Metadata:  The Metadata field includes five options:
      • Use File Name Before Extension.
      • Get Metadata from File.
      • Custom Metadata. Title, Description, and Keywords will be applied based on the workflow settings for those respective fields.
      • Shadow File.  Read meta-data from an XML file (same file name as media file but .xml extension) - Learn more at the Wiki!
      • Full Ingest Shadow File. Provides various additional options that classic shadow file doesn’t support. - Learn more at the Wiki!
    6. Path:  This is the storage path where uploaded/transcoded content will be stored. This can be a local path such as “e:\streaming” or it can be a UNC path such as \\streamingserver\streamingpath.
    7. HTTP/RTMP Path:  This is the streaming path for the content that is uploaded/transcoded.
    8. Sub Directory: This specifies the sub-directory that will be automatically created when your Organization Administrator(s) creates a new Library for Auto-Create Workflows, or for when they manually create a new Media Workflow for a Library using the Media Workflow control. In this sub-directory, you can use variables to automatically create the Library folder where content will be stored:
      • {{{Library}}} – The new sub-directory folder will be based on the Library name with all special characters removed (the default).
      • {{{Username}}} – The new sub-directory folder will use the username of the logged-in user.
      • {{{Firstname}}} and {{{Lastname}}} – You can use Lastname alone, or put these two together to create a folder name such as “TimSmith”.
    9. User:  The username for authentication, if you specified a UNC storage path.
    10. Password:  The password for authentication, if you specified a UNC storage path.
    11. Domain:  The domain for authentication, if you specified a UNC storage path.
    12. Auto-Create: if select, this workflow will be automatically instantiated in any new libraries created once this template is save.
    13. Enabled:  if selected the Workflow Template is available for use by any users in the library.  mceclip1.png


Configuring the Ingest Workflow

Once the Ingest workflow template is configured, it can be added to a library. (If the Auto Create option is selected in the workflow template, it will automatically be added to new libraries, but it is not retroactive).

The Ingest Workflow for a library shares most of the same settings as the Ingest Workflow Template (above). The only addition is the Workflow For Upload and the File Filter field. 

To modify the Workflow For Upload and/or File Filter field:

  1. Click on Administration -> Library-> Media Workflows
  2. Find your Ingest Workflow in the list
  3. Click on Edit
    1. Workflow For Upload:  Choose the workflow you want to use for the new files that are placed in the Ingest Folder.   For example, you can process any newly added files through the ABR HD, or No Transcode workflows to process the files.
    2. File Filter:  Choose the file filter for this Ingest Directory, choose from the list.  Typically Audio & Video is selected to process any audio and video file that may be uploaded to the Ingest Directory.


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