Ingest Workflow


The Ingest workflow is like a watch workflow, but gives you greater control of how watched locations are treated. The ingest workflow lets you assign custom meta data to files, as well as pull them through an existing upload workflow. 

Configuring the Ingest Workflow Template

Like all workflows in Ensemble, you should start by configuring the workflow template for your organization.

ingest directory

The Ingest workflow pictured above will be applied to all new libraries created inside Rose Hill Organization. Like all workflow templates, you can use the {{Library}} variable to add the library name to the workflow's name.

The Metadata field includes four options:

The Propogate Changes drop-down allows you to push updates to all workflows that are based on this template.

  • No. With this option, changes to the template will not affect workflows.
  • Yes, except where customized. Changes to the template will affect all applicable fields if no changes have been made to those fields.
  • Overwrite All. This will overwrite all applicable workflow settings, even if a workflow was customized.

Visit the Workflow Templates guide for more information.

Configuring the Ingest Workflow

Once the Ingest workflow template is configured, it can be added to a library. (If the Auto Create option is selected in the workflow template, it will automatically be added to new libraries).

The Ingest Workflow for a library shares most of the same settings as the Ingest Workflow Template (above). The only addition is the File Filter field. With that field you can set the ingest workflow to only target one kind of file.

ingest workflow

For step-by-step instructions on creating workflows, visit the Media Workflows support guide.

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