Managing Users (4.2+)


To view and manage users, click Organization then Users. From here, you can view all available users, as well as apply a filter to view users in a specific Institution, Organization, or Library.


Adding and Editing Users

To add a new user, click the +Add button.

add user

All fields in the User Management section are required:

adding a user

When using Ensemble Account as the Identity Provider, all values must be entered manually. When using an external identity provider like LDAP, the first name, last name, and email address values will be imported when the Username is entered correctly.

Click Save when all fields in the User Management window are completed. You will return to the main Users interface.

To return to the User Management window for an existing user, click the Action button in the right column, then click Edit.

edit user

Adding and Editing User Permissions

To add or remove permissions from a user, click the Action button in the right column, then click Permissions.

users permissions

From here, you can view, edit, and remove resources that the selected user has access to.

managing user permissions

In the example above, the user has access to two libraries as a contributor, and is given permission to access the Live Streaming feature.

To edit the user's role in a library, click the Action button to the right of the library, then Edit. If the library cannot be found in the Resource selection box, then the user already has access to it.

To remove the user's access to a resource, click Action then Remove. Permission to access a library cannot be removed if it is a user's default library. To remove a user from their default library, first set a new default library for the user from the main Users administrative window.

To give the user access to a new resource, click the +Add button (above).

You will enter the User Permission menu (below).

user new permission

First select a Resource Type. To give the user access to a library, select Library, then select the library in the Resource field and select the user's role for that library. Additionally, you can add the user to an Organization as an Organization Administrator, or add the user to an Institution as an Institution Administrator.

In some cases, there may be additional Resource Types available. This allows you to give the user access to features such as Live Streaming, Screen Capture, or Room Capture devices, if they are available.

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