Matrox Monarch HD Firmware Guide


Updating Matrox Monarch HD Firmware

Configure the Monarch HD with an IP address. You can use:

  • Dynamic IP with DHCP (may change)
  • Dynamic IP address with registered MAC address (MAC Address is located on the bottom of the device)
  • Static IP

monarch IP

 Access the Matrox via Web browser

  • Enter the IP Address into your browser, if the Monarch HD is online you will see the Status page. Use the Tabs at the top to navigate to different forms to configure streaming, start/stop streaming, and monitor/troubleshoot the device
  • When prompted to login, use: Username: admin Password: admin

Matrox Command Center

For Matrox Manuals, visit

Resetting Matrox Monarch HD Firmware

To perform a firmware reset on a Matrox Monarch HD recorder, you will need physical access to the device, as well as an SD card.

  1. Configure the SD card with a FAT32 bootable format, based on these directions.
  2. Download all of the files from onto the SD card. There cannot be any other files or folder on the SD card.
  3. Insert the SD card into the Monarch HD.
  4. Unplug and re-connect the power adapter.
  5. The firmware update will automatically start. Wait 10–15 minutes. Once completed, these four MonarchHD LEDs will remain ON: POWER, STREAM, RECORD, USB1.


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