Using the Dropbox


Using the Dropbox tool, you can set up an Audio or Video Dropbox so that students, friends, colleagues, or other constituents can submit media to you without having to log into Ensemble Video.

Creating a Dropbox

To access the Dropbox tool, log in to Ensemble, click Administration in the navigation pane, and select Dropbox.

dropbox nav button

In the image above, there are no dropboxes in this library. Click the +Add button to create one.

add dropbox button

The Dropbox menu will open with several fields to configure your Dropbox:

dropbox options

The Url field will define the link share with others so they may access your Dropbox. In the example above, if we entered YourNewDropbox into the Url field, the link to share would be

The Media Workflow drop-down menu applies a Media Workflow to be used for content uploaded to the Dropbox. In this case, all videos would processed by the Compress and Stream workflow before being added to the Media Library. For audio files, use an audio-only Media Workflow. See the Using Media Workflows for more information.

Use the Public and Enabled checkboxes to control who can see your Dropbox.

Click the Save button when you are done. Your new Dropbox will now appear in the Dropbox list:

your first dropbox

Visit the Auto-Publishing Dropbox Uploads for more information.

Uploading Content Using Ensemble Video Dropbox

Once you've created a Dropbox using the steps outlined above, you're ready to share the URL. Right click on the URL to copy it, or left click to visit the Dropbox's submission page.

dropbox url

When you or a viewer visits the new Dropbox URL, you will need to enter some meta data before uploading media:

dropbox window

To add video or audio files, click Add File to browse for the media, or drag them into the upload box from your computer.

Once the files are added, click Start Upload. After the video or audio file is uploaded, the user will get a confirmation that their file has been submitted.

After the content is uploaded, the file(s) will be automatically placed in the Ensemble Video Media Library to be viewed, edited, and published.

See the Auto-Publishing guide to automatically publish content uploaded from a Dropbox.    

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