Media Workflows


A Media Workflow defines how a video is processed when uploaded through the Ensemble Video web interface, streamed live and recorded, or ingested through a Watch Directory.

When a Library is first added to Ensemble, some Media Workflows may be added automatically, based on settings in Workflow Templates (Institutional Administrators only). If the Media Workflows in an individual library need to be configured or removed, or if more are needed, an Organization Administrator or System Administrator can make the changes. To reach the Media Workflows window, click Administration, select Library, then click the Media Workflows option. 


In the image above, we don't have any Media Workflows to upload normally with in this Library. Without a media workflow, you can't even upload a video or broadcast a live stream. Click the +Add button to create one.


Select a Template to auto-fill many of the settings. We're creating a workflow for uploading and compressing video, so we've selected Compress and Stream, a workflow based on an Upload Directory template. There are four types of Workflow Templates:

  1. Upload Directory – for when media content is uploaded and transcoded.
  2. Watch Directory – for ingesting content from media server directories.
  3. Live Stream – for creating live streams where the user controls when streams are recorded.
  4. Live Capture – for creating live streams where all streams are automatically recorded.

If the desired Workflow Template is not available, contact your Ensemble Institution Administrator. If necessary, you can manually enter settings by selecting the workflow Type instead of selecting a template.

Once the template is selected, continue to the fields with white backgrounds. The fields with gray backgrounds (e.g. the *Upload Path) are part of the template, and can only be changed in the Workflow Template.

The Folder field will designate where all content of this workflow type will be stored. If you're not sure about the name, give the folder a name that elucidates the workflow. For example, if this was a Live Capture workflow, we might name it YourFirstLibrary-LiveCapture. In the upload workflow above, we could name it YourFirstLibrary-Compress16x9. Click the Save button to save your settings and return to the Media Workflows window.


We now have a Media Workflow available in this library.

Click Edit to return to the configuration window, or click Delete to remove it.

Click the Enabled/Disabled button in the status column to toggle the status of the workflow. Content cannot be added using a disabled workflow, but previously added content will not be affected.

Click +Add to create and configure additional workflows. Only one Live Stream and Live Capture workflow can be created for each type.    

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