Managing Libraries


Organization Administrators and Institution Administrators can add, delete, and rename a Library. Additionally, they can manage the disk quota for the library.

To access the Libraries window, click Administration, then click Organization and select Libraries.


Creating a Library

To create a new Library, click the +Add button in the Libraries window. 


Enter a Name for the new library, and set a Disk Quota (if desired). A disk quota controls how much storage a library can use. 


Click the Save button when finished.

Deleting a Library

To remove a Library, click the Delete button corresponding to the Library to be deleted. 


A prompt will explain that all related content will be unpublished and deleted. Click the Yes button to commit.


Editing a Library

To rename an existing Library, or to manage its disk quota, click the Edit button corresponding to the desired Library.


From the Edit Library menu, you can change the name or disk quota for the library, using the same controls as Creating a Library.

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