Managing Users


The Users control interface is a tabbed interface. The Library Users Tab shows all User accounts that have the specified Library as their Home Library. The Users with Access to Your Library tab shows user accounts that have been given access to the current library.

To reach the Users menu, Organization Administrators and System Administrators click Administration in the navigation pane, click Organization, then select Users.


When the Users interface loads, the Library Users tab will load. These are users that land in this library when logging in. Click the +Add button to add a new user to this library.

library users

When adding a user, the default Identity Provider is an Ensemble Account. This is a user account created and controlled using the Ensemble Video Platform.

add user

Start by entering a Username and Password for the new user, then designate their home Library.

Access: There are four types of User accounts available.

  1. Contributor: can upload and delete video entries from the Media Library, and manage Playlists.
  2. Editor: only allowed to edit existing titles and publish to Playlists.
  3. Viewer: can view published files in the Media Library, and can view videos in the Shared Library.
  4. Organization Administrator: permitted to perform Content Administrator functions; to use tools in the Administration Tab to create Libraries and Users; and to manage Media Workflows for Libraries within that Organization.

Enter a First Name, Last Name, and E-mail Address for the user, then select the Landing Page (Media Library or Portal). Once you have entered the User information, click Save to complete the process. To edit an existing User, click Edit, make your changes, and then click Update. To delete a User, click the Delete button next to the name of the User you wish to delete. You can also manage your Users’ access to other Libraries through the Access control icon.

user access

Here, you can add, edit, or delete access to other Libraries in your Organization. This user doesn't have access to any other libraries. Click +Add to continue.

user access control

Select a Library to give the user access to, then select the user's role for that library.

user role selection

Click Save when finished.

Users with Access to Your Library

This tab lets you view and manage Users who have another Home Library, but have been granted access to the Library you are managing. 

users with library access

In the screenshot above, no guest users have been added to this library. Click inside the Search Users text box to search for a user. Type the person's first name, last name, or e-mail address in the box to select one of the matching users.

add user to library

Click the Add button to continue.

add user select role

The user's name and selected role is now displayed under Users with Access to Your Library. To edit the guest user's role, click the lock icon under the Access column.

edit user access role

Using the Delete function from this menu will remove a user's guest access to this library, but the account will be unaffected elsewhere.  

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