EnsembleLive Mobile App Setup (version 4.0)


The EnsembleLive app from Ensemble Video is a live video and audio streaming application for Smart Phones and Tablets. This article explains how to setup the EnsembleLive Mobile App, so you can use the EnsembleLive app to broadcast anything on-the-go from any location to any screen. You can also use Ensemble Video’s Live Capture feature to record live content to your Ensemble Video media library while streaming live video and audio in real-time over wireless networks.

The EnsembleLive app works on iOS 8 and above, you can install it on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. If you do not have the EnsembleLive app, go to the EnsembleLive page and download the app. You can also download the app in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

Setting up Live Capture to work with the EnsembleLive App

Click Live Stream in the left navigation pane, then click Live capture.


Enter Title (required) and additional Metadata (optional), then click Continue.


In the Manage Stream menu, click Continue.


In the Publish menu, choose one or more Playlists to include the live capture in (optional), then click Publish.


In the list of live Streams, click the EnsembleLive App button below the live capture video you just created.


Share or click the Launch URL: Use Option 1 if you want to send an email to your mobile device or Option 2 if you are on your mobile device.


Send the Launch URL Email to your mobile device


Open EnsembleLive Launch URL Email on mobile device 


Tap Launch URL to open EnsembleLive App 


Choose Yes when prompted to overwrite settings 


You are done! Click the Stream button to start streaming and recording in Ensemble Video! 


For advanced settings and to learn more about the app, view the Using the Ensemble Live iOS App article.

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