The Auto-Publish feature allows you to automatically publish content added to your Ensemble library from a specific Media Workflow (e.g., uploaded or ingested from an Ensemble Video Watch Directory) to one or more Playlists.

Auto-Publish is most often used for Dropbox or Watch Directory content where:

  • You are harvesting video files submitted by students, clients, customers, or other constituents who don’t have an Ensemble Video login.
  • Ensemble is ingesting a batch of files from a media server Watch Directory and you want to have them all published to the same Playlist in the same categories. For example: a high school mediaservices department wants to batch convert a collection of Windows Media files to MP4, and have those files automatically published to a Playlist for use on desktop computers and a range of mobile devices, without having to manually publish each entry.
  • There’s an automated process to capture and transmit media to an Ensemble Watch Directory, and the content is automatically published on a Playlist. For example: a “lecture capture”application where class sessions are automatically captured, sent to a media server, and published to a Learning Management System for student access, without requiring the instructor to log into Ensemble and publish the lectures.

To enable Auto-Publishing, you first need a Media Workflow and a Playlist. The Media Workflow is the source of the content to be auto-published, and the Playlist is the destination. Once those are configured, you're ready to go!

Configuring Auto-Publishing

Browse to the library where Auto-Publishing will be set up. 


Click Playlists from the navigation column. Then, click the Auto-Publish button for the playlist you want to target.


You are now presented with a list of the Media Workflows used in the library, with the categories available in the Playlist you selected.

In the example below, we're auto-publishing all content uploaded using the Ensemble 101 Watch Directory Media Workflow to the Educational Videos category. More than one categories can be selected, and more than one Media Workflow can auto-publish to the same categories. 


Click the Save button to finish.

To learn more about how you can leverage auto-publishing, visit the Auto-Publishing Dropbox Uploads guide.

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