Ensemble and HTML5


Ensemble Video Now Supports Flash-Free HTML5 Playback

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Ensemble Video has always utilized a dynamic playback environment to deliver HTML5/HLS playback for devices that do not support Flash. In 2016, Ensemble Video made strides to become a Flash-free content provider. With desktop browsers like Google Chrome making visible strides away from Flash, we now recommend that all Ensemble systems be configured to deliver HTML5/HLS by default. If you are using Ensemble in the cloud, you are already enjoying HTML5 playback everywhere in Ensemble.

Information for Self-Hosted Customers

Though the Player Settings control in Ensemble has the settings you're looking for, a few requirements must first be met before making HTML5 the default. If you are not running Ensemble version 4.5.0 x5 or newer, you will first need to update to the most recent version and hotfix of Ensemble. Once that is in place, Wowza StreamLock will need to be configured. Please submit an Ensemble support ticket for assistance with upgrading your software, and acquiring a StreamLock certificate + enabling the Wowza AddOn. We'll help ensure that all of your organizations are configured to use the HTML5 player by default. Once that's done, all of your existing and future videos will be delivered in our Flash-free HTML5 player. 

Advantages of HTML5

HTML5 is now the status quo for multimedia streaming. There's no third-party plugin needed, and it's more efficient than Flash. The HTML5 player also includes double-speed and half-speed playback, and provides near-instant viewer reporting. Instead of the streaming server providing reporting data, the information is sent directly from the player to the reporting service. Unless you have a special use case that requires Flash, there's no reason not to switch.

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