Publishing to Youtube™

Ensemble Content administrators can setup a YouTube™ feed to publish video content to a YouTube™ account. This is useful if content administrators want to house their content in Ensemble Video, but also publish their content to YouTube™. Additionally, you can un-publish content from YouTube™.

Configuring the YouTube™ Integration

To begin, click Administration > Library YouTube™ in the navigation pane. The Client ID, Client Secret and API Key fields are generated by the Google API Manager.


If the Client ID and Client Secret Fields are blank, the YouTube™ feed has not been configured. Click the Google Developers Console link to visit to the Google API Manager.


When prompted, log in to Google using the account associated with the desired YouTube™ account. If you have not created a YouTube™ account, you should create one now.


In the Google API Manager, browse to Select a project >


The Select Project menu will appear, click on Create project. 


Enter a Project name for your YouTube™ Feed, then click Create:


Next, click Enable API from the Dashboard:


Browse to the API Library, then enable the Google+ API and YouTube™ Data API by clicking the option on the API list. If it is not shown, search for Google+ API and YouTube™ API in the search box:


Click the Enable button from the YouTube Data API v3 screen:


Do the same for the Google+ API screen:


Next, open the Credentials window, click Create credentials, and choose OAuth client ID:


Click the Configure consent screen button:


Enter an Email address and Product name shown to users for your Credentials, then click Save.


Then, enter your Redirect URI, found in the Ensemble YouTube™ Credentials page that you visited in step 1. When all fields are complete, click Create:


You will be presented with a client ID and client secret. Copy these values into Ensemble's YouTube™ Credentials fields:


Click OK in the OAuth client panel and then click on the Create credentials button, then click the API key option.


Copy this value into Ensemble's YouTube API key field and click the Update button:



Your Ensemble library now is now configured to import YouTube™ content into your Ensemble Video Media Library. 


Publishing to the YouTube™ Feed

Once you have a Youtube account ready to use, click the Publish button below a video in the Media Library that you will add to the YouTube™ Feed:


Navigate down to the YouTube™ tab of the publishing window, and select your YouTube™ account to push the video to YouTube™.


If you have not already done so, you may be prompted to allow Ensemble to access your Youtube account.

Click Allow to save the settings:


The video will display, as Pending, then Ready when it has been added to your YouTube™ channel:

youtube-feed-pending.png youtube-feed-published.png

Content in the Media Library will display a Youtube icon if the video has been added to the feed:


The video above is now available in the Youtube Video Manager:


To unpublish a video from the YouTube™ feed, revisit the Publishing screen for the content:


...and deselect the YouTube™ account:


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