Matrox Monarch Configuration


A Matrox Monarch capture device can be combined with Ensemble Video and Ensemble Studio for scheduling and management directly from the Ensemble web application. Before the recorder is used with Ensemble, the device's firmware should be updated, and a few configuration options should be considered.

Downloading the Matrox Monarch Utility

Start the initial configuration by downloading the Matrox Monarch utilities. The tool can be downloaded from the Matrox support site, or use one of the links provided: Monarch HD, Windows | Monarch HD, OS X | Monarch LCS, Windows | Monarch LCS, OS X. If you are asked to log in, follow links to register your device. Once you have a valid username & password, you do not need to register a device in order to access the downloads.

Updating Firmware

With the device powered on and connected to ethernet, launch the Monarch utility:

monarch utils

Select the new device, then click Update Selected:

monarch utils update selected

The update may take several minutes. Click the bottom-right arrow to show details:

updating monarch

Accessing the Matrox Command Center

The device is configured using the Matrox Command Center, which can be accessed using the IP Address shown in the Matrox Utilities (above). The device will be set to DHCP (and automatically assigned an IP address) by default. To set a static IP address, enter the appropriate settings in the device's IP Setup in the Matrox Command Center. Once the firmware update is complete and you have access to the Matrox Command Center, the device is ready to configure for streaming and recording with Ensemble. To learn how to schedule and manage the device from the Ensemble Video web application, visit our Ensemble Studio guide.

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