Editing your Profile, Landing Page, and Password


Managing your User Account in Ensemble video just takes a few quick steps.

Editing your Profile:

Click on your username at the top-right corner of the interface, then click Profile


This brings you to the Profile menu:


The Edit my profile button allows you to change your personal information and Landing Page:


Type in any information that needs to be changed, then click the green Save button.

Changing your Landing Page

The Landing Page option is also located in the Edit my profile menu. This field controls what content you see after logging in:


The Portal option brings you to a pre-configured playlist for the library when you log in. (This option will not be available if your institution has disabled it).

The Media Library option is the default Ensemble interface where you can add, edit, and view content and settings.

Changing your Password:

Click on Change my password from the Profile menu.


Enter your current password, enter your new password in each of the new password fields, then click the green Save button.


Note: If your Ensemble Video implementation uses LDAP or Shibboleth authentication, you will not be able to change your password in Ensemble Video.
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